Vamos a la Playa!

The beaches of Todos Santos and La Paz are stunning, undeveloped and naturally breathtaking. None of the photos on this page were taken at some early “off hour.” At nearly any time of day, you’ll share the beach will pelicans & seagulls, perhaps a friendly dog or a few fellow travelers, but NEVER a crowd. If you are lucky, you may spy a baby turtle scurrying toward the sea and during the winter months an abundance of Grey whales playing near the shore. The beaches are at the core of the magic in this “Pueblo Majico.”

Los Cerritos

Located approximately eight miles south of town, this is the only safe, swimming and boogie boarding beach. This is due to the large natural bay and the fact that it is sometimes guarded by lifeguards. Surfers also love this beach for the long rides and consistent surf. Much of the development taking place in the Todos Santos area focuses on this bay. There are several small hotels, campgrounds and beach restaurants. Right on the beach, you will find the Cerritos Beach Club where you can relax and order drinks and food delivered right to your beach chair. Every Sunday enjoy live mellow music from 2pm until 5pm.

Las Palmas

The first beach you’ll discover heading south from town. Be sure you know where to turn off the road! This hidden beach is found after a bumpy stretch of road, followed by a walk through an otherworldly palm grove. Take off your shoes to traverse the small stream which flows from the natural lagoon into the sea. Take everything you’ll need, there are no services. Beware of the Mexican seagulls (free roaming horses) who will inspect your beach bags for tasty snacks! You may see people boogie boarding at this beach, but beware of rip currents. Strong swimmers and calm days only at your own risk!

La Cachora

This is the closest stretch of beach to La Hacienda. You can access the beach by walking down our street, Calle Pacific all the way to the end. (about ten minutes) Walk up over the dunes and prepare to be awestruck at one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. Stretched out for miles in both directions with barely a soul in sight. You can’t help but contemplate the immense power and beauty of nature as the mighty Pacific crashes onto the golden sand. Carved and reshaped by the tides, the waves and the wind, every day the beach is wiped clean of the few footprints you’ll leave behind. Like all of the beaches along the open coastline, it’s not safe to swim here. 

La Poza

The beach at La Poza is another section of the long stretch of beach that begins at Punto Lobo and continues north through La Cahora and on to La Pastora. You can access the beach by following the signs to La Posada Boutique hotel, parking along the road near the hotel entrance. (not on their property, there are signs!) Take the path along the rocky hillside and you’ll be treated to beautiful views of the freshwater lagoon below. Every few years this lagoon breaks through the beach and flows out and into the ocean beyond.

Punto Lobos

Also known as the fisherman’s beach, this beach is accessable  by road heading south on the local town road by the ballpark. Each morning the small fishing boats wait their turn to be towed off the beach and into the sea to begin their work day.  And every afternoon they’ll return, hopefully laden with a fresh catch. Now the site of the locally controversial Tres Santos Beach Town development, Punto Lobos has seen big changes over the past year. The development installed a sea wall and recent rough surf and high tides have taken away all of the beach in some areas. 

The Beaches Of La Paz & The Sea Of Cortez

The city of La Paz is located approximately an hour to the northeast of Todos Santos on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula. You can stroll along the malecon in downtown, enjoying the beautiful bay of La Paz. But venturing just another 20 miles or so up along the coast, you will encounter some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Baja. Wide, shallow bays, perfect for snorkeling and kayaking.

Or drift away on your own private beach and watch the occasional ferry as it makes it way out of the bay toward the mainland. If you enjoy marine wildlife, you must make the boat trip to the famous Isla Espiratu. A Mexican national park, the island is home to all sorts of colorful wildlife. The highlight of the trip will be a stop at the resident sea lion colony where you will be able to jump overboard and swim alongside them as they forage for food in schools of fish. Stop for a beach lunch on the way back, or wait to sample local seafood at one of the two beach restaurants at Tecolote Beach.