Helpful Tips for Traveling to Todos Santos, Mexico

Welcome to the essential tips for traveling to and around Todos Santos. It is a beautiful, wonderful place full of inspirational art and culture.

Enjoy these tips to help you along your way!

  • You don’t have to be an expert in Spanish, but being fluent helps, try Duolingo app for a fun way to brush up on the language.
  • Respect the environment and culture. It’s important we all keep the beaches and areas clean for the people and the ecosystem.
  • If you’re ever stranded without wifi, Los Pinos Park in downtown has free wifi service, offered by the La Paz Government.
  • Wear your sunscreen and always bring extra water on hikes or on drives, it can get hot out, especially mid-day during the summer.
  • Discover your friendly neighbors and enjoy the multiple festivals like the Todos Santos Movie Festival.
  • Make reservations before arriving, and be sure to check out affordable our rental property in Todos Santos.
  • The Gringo Gazette is a wonderful source of local information for those visiting.
  • This Facebook Group – Todos Santos Newsfeed (TM) is a great resource: