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It’s all about location and style. We’re close to the historic district of town, yet far from the dust and noise. Private, secure and gated. With only three units, you will often have complete privacy. A short walk down our sand/dirt road to miles of stunning and uninhabited beach. Close to a great local mercado (Pinos’ Mini-market,) walking distance to several popular restaurants like The Fish Market and La Esquina. Away from it all, but just far enough to walk to the beach or town! It’s your ideal vacation!


  • How’s The Weather?

    • In a word, perfect! From November through May, you’re very unlikely to see a drop of rain. This is a desert climate with mostly cloudless days, warm and comfortable. (70-85 degrees F) As the sun sets, the temperature cools quickly. (50-65 F) A light jacket or sweater will fight the chill. Cool mornings warm rapidly and you’ll be in shorts by 9am. If you’re visiting during the summer months (June through October) you’ll find the temperatures a bit warmer. (75-95 F) Generally not oppressively hot and humid, but it all depends on the storms which often brew off the coast. We can get rain, although not that frequently. (Average annual rainfall is only 4 inches) But we do have AC, so there’s no need to worry. 

  • Is Todos Santos Safe?

    • Probably safer than where you live. We’re not kidding, Todos Santos is a very small town, nearly 1,000 miles from the border towns which have seen the highest levels of drug related violence. We are blessed with extremely low levels of violent crime. Nearly all large US cities have much higher crime rates. You should feel entirely safe to walk around everywhere at all hours of the day and night. You’ll need a flashlight so you don’t stumble, but that’s about all! 
  • Is There Anything Special I Shouldn’t Forget To Bring With Me? What Do I Need To Enter Mexico?

    • Mexican immigration requires that you carry a valid passport to enter the country. No special immunizations are required. You will be issued a tourist visa for up to a six month visit. Other than that, if you’ve got summer clothes, a hat, sunscreen, and some pesos, you will be all set! 
  • What About Transportation?

    • The Los Cabos International Airport (Airport Code SJD) is a modern airport, located about 20 minutes north of San Jose Del Cabo. Shuttle bus service links the airport with Todos Santos several times daily. Reservations can be made online with EcoBaja. If you plan to explore the town and surrounding beaches thoroughly during your stay, a rental car is highly recommended. Private transportation can also be arranged. If possible, it is best to arrive earlier in the day to allow time to get to Todos Santos. Plan your departure for later in the day if at all possible, to avoid the need to overnight in Los Cabos before an early morning flight.


  • What Time Is Check In/Check Out?

    • We try to accommodate all of our guests as best as we possibly can however check in is no earlier than 3pm and check out is no later than 11am sharp. We need this window of time to get the villas cleaned and prepared for all of our guests. Prior to your arrival we will communicate about a time to meet you at either La Hacienda, or if you are not familiar with the area we will meet you at a popular location in town like the Pemex Gas Station so you don’t get lost.
  • What Is Your Payment/Cancellation/Refund Policy?

    • We require a fifty percent non-refundable deposit in order to confirm your reservation. The balance will be due one month prior to your arrival. 
  • What Should I Do About Changing Money/ATM’s/Using Credit Cards?

    • Upon arriving, you will find change (Cambio) booths and ATM machines readily available at the airport. Generally, you will receive the best exchange rate by using your ATM card. Once you arrive in Todos Santos, there are two banks, each with an ATM machine. There will be a small fee, and one of them will dispense your choice of US Dollars or Mexican Pesos.
      Around town, it’s best to have Pesos, but many people will accept dollars, often at a reduced exchange rate. Credit cards are not widely accepted, but some hotels, restaurants, and galleries are beginning to accept credit cards.
  • What About Tipping/Gratuities?

    • Like anywhere, tipping is nearly always acceptable. Service charges are rarely added to checks or bills. A 15-20% gratuity for all of the same customary services for which you would tip at home is very much appreciated in Mexico. 
  • What About The Beaches?

    • We have written about a collection of fantastic and beautiful beaches near to Todos Santos on our “About the Beach and Surf page. We love the beaches so much we needed a full page to show you pictures and help orient you to our gorgeous coastline. 


We found a lot of helpful information about traveling in Mexico on the “Two Expats Mexico” blog.