Helpful Tips for Driving in Todos Santos, Mexico

When driving as a tourist in Todos Santos, like anywhere, it’s important to pay attention and follow all local rules and regulations. Following these tips might help you avoid issues with authorities and just help you navigate safely in general.

  • Be sure to drive slow, as many roads are a little bumpy and rough, and around the town you’ll find lots of kids, dogs and more wandering in front of your car.
  • You should have mexican car insurance from a reputable location such as West Coast Global Insurance Services
  • Tinted windows are illegal in Mexico, and the police may pull you over for this, and it may cost you. Be sure to remove tint from windows if you have it.
  • Be confident and don’t be nervous or drive too defensively, flow naturally with traffic, use your blinkers, and be courteous
  • Turn signals can mean more than just turning, for example, a truck on a mexican highway with left turn signal on may actually be an invitation to pass them on the left. Use your judgement and make safe, predictable moves.